Relaxing road trips call for Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

A recreational vehicle (RV) is any motor vehicle created for leisurely activity such as traveling or camping. Recreational vehicles made their first appearances in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s for these purposes. Now it is not uncommon to see RVs being used as permanent homes, a term that has been dubbed ‘full-timing’.  However whether you use your RV sparingly for those couple of relaxing getaway weeks, or spend every day on the road exploring new unfamiliar territory, there are always unpredictable dangers that can occur at any moment. Recreational vehicle insurance will not only insure these threats, but it will ease your mind and ensure that your time on the road is as calm and comforting as can be.


Full-timing is when you have an RV as a home and live in it for 365 days a year. Many people full-time to escape the stresses of time and money that can be overwhelming in stationary homes. While these burdens are certainly not eliminated, they are greatly reduced. Others full-time because they want to experience the beauty and simplicity of life on the road. Regardless of what motivates them, full-timers are at greatest risk for danger simply because they are always on the road.

With the inability to control road and weather conditions, other drivers and sometimes even your own car or self, driving is undoubtedly the most hazardous activity we do on a daily basis. RVs are even more difficult to maneuver than ordinary motor vehicles because of their greater proportions. While it is definitely harder to control recreational vehicles, your experience driving them can be much more serene if you follow a few simple steps.

RV Safety

Recreational vehicles are bigger, heavier and offer less visibility, making them more challenging to operate. Next time you prepare to travel in your RV, remember these pointers from the California Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • RVs are taller so be aware of the height clearances of roads and bridges, and beware of low-hanging obstructions such as tree branches.
  • The RV’s heavier weight means slower turns, more gradual braking and allowing more time for the vehicle to slow down or stop- compensate by increasing your following distance behind other vehicles.
  • Plan your trips to avoid bad weather conditions- the added weight of an RV means it will be more difficult to move if it gets stuck

Get RV Insurance

More time on the road means there is a greater chance for accidents to occur. Make sure that any possible harm or damage done to you, your RV or any belongings that accompany you on your trip or are on your RV’s property are covered with recreational vehicle insurance. Chalasinski Insurance Group provides RV insurance to all Ohio residents.

Our policies can be custom built to fit your specific RV needs. Call President Tom Chalasinski at 440-838-5383, and quick start your next road trip today.

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