Home Insurance can’t forecast the weather, but it can predict how much you pay for it

Home insurance may seem like yet another pointless expense piled onto your already high home spending. I mean, why pay monthly bills for something you might never end up using? Well for starters, most mortgage lenders require it. But in all honesty, home insurance is essential because it will save you money in case something happens to your home or belongings – and you never know when that might be.

Here in Ohio we are exposed to a plethora of unpredictable and inconsistent weather. It is not unusual to witness floods, devastating winds, thunderstorms and even blizzards all wreak havoc in the same month. With that in mind, home insurance becomes an invaluable asset that you don’t want to be left without. Storms and high-speed winds are notorious for bringing down trees that can damage your house and property. Floods often leave helpless homeowners with several thousand dollars’ worth of water damage to recover from. Home insurance will prevent you from making costly payments towards such matters that are simply out of your hands.

Standard home insurance policies will also cover damage done to detached garages and other isolated buildings on your property. In addition to destructive weather, theft and fires may rob you of your personal items. With home insurance, the value of your furniture, jewelry, electronics, and the rest of your prized possessions can be preserved in case of uncontrollable circumstances.

While we cannot tame the beast that is Mother Nature, we also have little power over the actions of other people. Robbery and vandalism come to mind first but what about our own friends and all the guests we allow into our homes? As a homeowner, you are potentially liable for any injury that occurs to someone while on your property. If you’re entertaining a guest who falls down the stairs and breaks their ankle, you will most likely be the one to have to compensate any costs related to the accident. Home insurance will protect you from any possible lawsuits and medical bills that may result from such incidents.

Ensure that your home and wallet are safe from Ohio weather’s impulsiveness and the erratic events of life in general.

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While we cannot predict the future, we can make sure we are as prepared for it as possible. Take the first step towards protecting your home and call us today.

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