Health Insurance can heal radiation’s financial burn

Health Insurance

Health insurance is often overlooked but don‘t be the one to make this mistake and then pay for it, literally. In our innovative world there is no telling what can new illnesses could develop… Electronic technologies utilizing radiation such as iPhones and GPSs are constantly being found to have more potentially harmful consequences then ever previously suspected. Such sicknesses can strike at any time with no warning at all. Health insurance will prepare you for such surprises and help pay for doctor visits and any expenses related to your visit. Tests such as X-rays and MRIs are insured, while operations and any medications you may need can also be covered according to the plan you choose.

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Radiation Dangers

Electronic technologies are now more prevalent than ever and their radiation has been linked to hazardous health effects. We have known for a long time that an overexposure to the sun’s radiation can cause burns and skin cancer. However more recently, studies have shown a strong link between certain technologies’ radiations and other types of cancers. An overexposure to radiation can cause cancer by damaging our DNA as it changes our genetic makeup and causes random cell division. DNA are the human body’s instructions for daily function, and with these instructions altered, the way the body runs is changed. A good example of technological radiation’s cancerous effects can be observed through police officers, who have been found to have higher risks for brain cancer and testicular cancer as they are frequently exposed to radio transmissions and often hold radar guns on their lap, respectively.

Cancer Costs

Cancer does not only take its toll on your health, but it has psychological, emotional and financial effects on those close to you as well. According to the National Cancer Institute, the average cost to treat cancer is roughly forty-five million dollars a year. These rigorous yet essential obligations put enormous strain on your wallet and your family’s financial situation. Family is priority – make sure such a scenario does not unfold and keep them safe by purchasing health insurance.

 Prepare for the Future

Who knows what new cancers or other medical issues will surface as our world becomes increasingly dependent on technology? All you can do is ensure that when it does happen, you are as prepared for it as possible. There is no question that health insurance is vital to a healthy and happy life – the only question is when you will get started. Be proactive and make the smart decision for yourself and your family, by beginning today.

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