Even Ohio Rain no match for Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Here in Ohio, one simply cannot go without flood insurance.

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With our hectic weather, there is no telling when a flood can strike. A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land which is normally dry. In Ohio there are two main types of floods that can develop – flash floods and floods from snow melt.

Snow Melt

Ohio’s long winter brings a huge mass of snow that sticks around until the emergence of spring. The warming weather, typically around March or April, causes the snow to melt. The resulting water cannot be absorbed by the hard ground, so it flows downhill until it reaches low-lying bodies of water. Once these lakes, rivers and streams accumulate too much water, their banks overflow and there is no telling what sort of disaster can strike afterwards.

Flash Floods

A flash flood is a rapid flooding of low-lying areas in less than six hours. They are mainly caused by intense rainfall brought on by thunderstorms, but can also occur from the collapse of natural or man-made dams.

Water Damage

You may not think you live in a low-lying area that could get rampaged by a quick-hitting flash flood, but then again, neither did my buddy’s neighbor. My buddy’s home sits at a slightly higher elevation than that of his two neighbors. One evening a massive thunderstorm spurred some heavy rain. The excessive down-pouring was too much for the ground to absorb, and a subsequent flash flood developed. Since my buddy lived on a higher ground level, water collected around his house traveled downhill towards his neighbor’s homes. The result? Thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage to both of their basements.

Fortunately for one of the neighbors, their insurance covered the costs by sending them a ten-thousand dollar check. The other neighbors? Well, they were not so lucky… Without insurance, they tried contacting the city in hopes of receiving some sort of compensation for their losses, unsuccessfully. The worst part is, ten grand was not even enough to teach them their lesson. A year later the same scenario unfolded; uninsured again, they were forced to cover a similar amount out of pocket while my friend’s other neighbors reaped the benefits of yet another check with open arms.

In this case, the second one was the charm and now these people are happy flood insurance owners. However please do not be like them and wait until your pockets have been drained by the chaos of Mother Nature. Rain takes no prisoners here in Ohio- there is no telling when it will strike and what it will take down with it. However if you live in an area prone to rain that isn’t the Buckeye State do not worry- we are a national provider for flood insurance.

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